Check out our testimonials and find out why we love Nia in Mid Sussex…

“Nia means being in touch with my body and mind both physically and spiritually. It de-stresses me and keeps me fit. It helps me achieve a non-impact exercise which helps keep my rheumatoid arthritis in my knees at bay too! I would highly recommend it to anyone” – Caroline Hatton

“Nia allows me to have an hour each week when I can just be me” – Chris Holden

“Ahh thursday 8.15 time for Nia. Always a struggle to get there, dinners, lessons, clubs all come before. Rush,rush and then my time…. As soon as the lights go down and the music starts the Nia magic starts to happen, over the next hour I have fun, relax, stretch,unwind and leave full of energy but filled with calm. Love it and need my weekly fix.”-  Karen Thompson

“Nia keeps me supple and fit. Love the music and my balance has improved” – Linda Witcher

“Nia gives me a safe space where I can be. Letting go of all distractions, I can hear my own voice, breathe, relax and be in the moment. For me Nia means self-healing, space to play and express and an opportunity to reconnect with my own joy.” – Emma Seymour

“Nia means ‘fun’. Makes keeping fit in mind and body very enjoyable and addictive” – Lesley Rose

“Pleasure, good company, very enjoyable exercise and dance which makes me happy and flexible” – Elizabeth Steele

“Nia means freedom. My body moves without my mind getting in the way. My thoughts quieten and I feel relaxed. It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on!” – Dianne Mower

“When my joints are aching and my body feels stiff, I begin to engage with the movement of Nia unsure as to where the next 60 minutes will take me and I am always so amazed at how easily and simply the wonderful feeling of flexibility and fluidity of movement flow through my body. After the session I always feel so energized and well. Nia is a great movement experience.” – Cyndy Ba-Abdullah

“Nia – It’s energetic, fun, relaxing, unique!” – Julia Mayne

Photograph provided by Nia Technique (www.nianow.com)

“Nia has been life changing for me, enabling me to start to love and nuture my body. I am now beginning to feel I can at last or for once in my life be confident in my body. I hope that I will now soon be able to express myself both in the movement of the Nia dance and in new clothes that I hope to buy. I saw the words ‘Putting it all together’ and this is how it feels…that my life is being put together through this amazing combination of music and movements.” – Lisa Horrobine


“Love your body, Love your Life”
– The Nia Technique